Car hire catogories overview

Mini car hire (Group a)

the smallest category available for rent in our website is the mini category. tiny in size, these cars are perfect for the city jungle. it is easy to park them into narrow parking spaces as well as manoeuvre them in between other cars. as the space inside mini cars is limited, these vehicles are best for two people with little luggage.

Economy car hire (Groups a1-b)

economy cars come next after the mini category in terms of size. economy vehicles are, therefore, a good solution when travelling short distances or in the city. they accommodate more luggage, as the boot space is larger, and provide more room for passengers. the economy category is recommended for groups of up to four people and one large suitcase.

Compact car hire (Groups b1-c)

not too small and not too big, the compact category is very popular among our clients. compact cars incorporate the best of small and large vehicles. enough room for passengers in the back seat as well as sufficient boot space allow groups of up to four people to travel comfortably and fit in their luggage. compact cars usually come with powerful engines and perform well on motorways, and thanks to their compact size, provide an effortless driving experience in large metropolises as well.

Mid-size car hire (Groups c1-c2)

cars in this category fit five passengers and up to three medium-size suitcases. the mid-size category is, therefore, recommended for families or groups of friends who travel longer distances.

Family size car hire (Groups d-d1)

one step further from mid-size cars, the family size category includes standard and full size cars. in this segment you will find vehicles that are perfect for five passengers and accommodate two large and two medium-size suitcases. if you are looking to hire a car that will allow you to drive comfortably for longer distances or you need plenty of room for your fellow travellers, the family size cars are the perfect choice!

Convertible car hire (groups e-e2)

for an outstanding driving experience, check out our convertible hire! these cars are popular in sunny destinations, where you can enjoy driving these special cars. sports type engines and high standard equipment provide an unparalleled driving experience. with a little less luggage room, convertible vehicles fit up to two medium-size suitcases and are perfect for two people.

Suv (Groups g-g3)

hire an suv for a special occasion! perfect for country drives with your family or ski holidays, suv cars are very popular in the alps regions. this category encompasses various brands and models, such as audi q7, bmw 7 or porsche cayenne. these vehicles offer plenty of space for passengers and their luggage. suvs are less easy to navigate in the cities with narrow streets and may be challenging to park into small bays, however, they are perfect to drive on country roads and mountainous terrain.

Van (Groups f-f3)

vans are the largest vehicles for rent you will find on our website. cars that are classified in this category include vehicles for five, seven or even nine passengers. vans are characterised by a spacious interior with a lot of room for passengers. depending on the model, space for luggage can be limited as these cars are mainly designed to carry people. however, if you you are driving in a group of five people, seven or nine passenger vans will accommodate your entire luggage if the seats in the last row are removed.

Luxury car hire (Groups h-h1)

for luxury and sports cars, we recommend our prestige fleet. this category includes large luxury vehicles, sports cars, limousines as well as high standard suvs. take a look at what we have on offer and find the car of your dreams!

Our car rental rates include
  • V.A.T & all local taxes
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Free delivery and collection in Paphos hotels area
  • 24/7 roadside breakdown & accident  recovery services
  • Insurance for windscreen and tyres
  • Fair fuel policy
  • Drivers covered from 25 years old (minimum 3 years licence)
  • No hidden fees (from visa or deposit)
  • Excellent personnel service
About paphos car rental

Carjack Ltd is a well-established company and it is considered one of the most reliable companies in the car hire sector in Cyprus with a variety of vehicles in different ranges and models. We respect your consumer rights and we are committed to providing quality cars and services for the best value for your money. We do not believe in hidden charges, so you can always be assured to receive the best car rental experience through our high-quality vehicles and high standard of services.

We offer services that other car hire companies in Cyprus just can't offer as we include in the price given on booking a range of car hire insurances, which are designed to meet our customer's needs.

All hire cars from our fleet are inspected thoroughly by our professional staff before delivery to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.

We invite you to try our services in order to experience the best!

Brent Weaver, UK

"I Loved the experience and would definitely come back to this company next time i travel to Cyprus"

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"Thank you very much for your swift reply and thank you for the help. I'm very glad that I can continue using CARJACK, as I am very happy for the service you provide."

Michael Dooling , UK

"Excellent and prompt customer service. A truly professional car rental company with cars that are in up-to-date condition"